Raga Kedar is a melody played during the evening hours that expresses blissful feelings. In this performance, recorded in Mumbai at Sangeet Mahabharati during 2006, I was accompanied on tabla by Shankho Lahiri. The piece begins in free rhythm (alaap) and continues with compositions in a slow 12-beat cycle (ektal) and a rapid 16-beat cycle (teental). In these renditions, short composed pieces are largely elaborated on through improvisation. Click on the picture to hear this melody.

Rag Piloo in Thumree Style. A performance from the 2015 Chicago World Music Festival with Subhasis Mukherjee on tabla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3-oMlV-nco&feature=youtu.belivepage.apple.com


Here’s a link to an excerpt of my recording of Rag Bageshri on Rasa Music. I’m honored that it is posted on a well-known compilation site next to versions by many famous musicians: http://www.parrikar.org/music/bageshree/leifer_bageshree.mp3