Flute Teaching


Northeastern Illinois University

 I am the Flute Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University. In studio teaching I put the great emphasis on solid training in the elements of the modern, Boehm system flute, on traditional musicianship in Western classical music, and on covering all style periods from baroque forward. Flute majors pursue a curriculum which is completely in line with that of major conservatories, emphasizing work in the fundamentals of sound, dexterity and musicianship through a thorough study of flute literature of all periods. This includes solos, chamber music, orchestral excerpts and etudes. In addition, students have the opportunity, if desired, to delve into baroque flute, the bansuri and raga music.  In every case, I also emphasize the elements of sound production and a rational approach to the technical issues facing the flutist, as well as to higher level issues of phrasing, interpretation and esthetics.

My studios are open to anyone with a serious interest in the flute. This includes those interested in flute performance as a career as well as music education majors, music minors and students majoring in other subjects. In addition to its wide range of undergraduate programs, Northeastern also offers graduate degrees in Music Education and in Flute Pedagogy. I have taught a large number of such candidates, all of whom have made study of applied flute a large part of their graduate curriculum.

At Northeastern, music education majors are expected to have a major instrument and reach substantial levels of excellence. Flutists, whether they major in performance or in music ed, receive an hour of personal instruction on the flute per week.  Music minors and students from other departments may also be authorized for lessons, usually depending on their also performing in one of the Music Department’s ensembles or on preparing to be able to do so.


I also teach flute in the Sacred Music Department at Moody. The curriculum in my studio there is essentially the same as at Northeastern. Of course, in every case I start from where the student is when he or she enters, trying to bring each one up to the highest possible standard that individual can attain in the time spent studying with me. The basic materials of my college level curriculum can be seen here.




I also accept students in my home at every level, enjoying bringing young people along “the right way.” I have taught students from the age of six up, although my clientele tends to start at around junior high and go up in age from there. Anyone who wishes to learn bansuri with me will probably want to arrange for lessons at my home studio.

For further information about study with me in any venue, please contact me at lleifer@neiu.edu